Marian Route

The Marian Route is an itinerary of cultural and religious interest that links up the sanctuaries of: El Pilar, Torreciudad, Montserrat, Meritxell and Lourdes. Guided by the faith, spirituality and Marian Devotion, the itinerary possesses a great wealth in touristic spaces, nature, architecture, gastronomy or charming villages with a special enchantment.
The route goes through the Autonomic communities (regions) of Aragon and Catalonia in Spain, through the regions of Aquitaine and Mid-Pyrenees in France and through the Principality of Andorra. Therefore, it is a multicultural itinerary with wide variety of additional travelling options to choose from and where each sanctuary has its own qualities and characteristics.
This route increases the number of visitors each year. Around 12 million people visit the five sanctuaries all together. This is the result of the importance and great interest that generates among pilgrims and visitors. Currently it is one of the most popular Marian pilgrimage destinations in Europe, as well as in Central and South America.